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If you haven’t got the health you feel you should have, there is a reason. That reason is always something that has entered your body,

·         either something you’ve put in your body, or

·         something has entered your body from another source.

Over time your body accumulates a number of problems that eventually overpower your immune system and your body’s ability to remove offenders. This results in persistent sickness and aging.



Quite simply, health is the absence of the reasons for illness.



You share this planet with many things that can affect your wellness, and as we travel the road of life we can encounter and accumulate parasites, bacteria, viruses, moulds, mycotoxins, metals, poisons, solvents, chemicals, etc.

Most diets cause the body to become acidic leading to many joint, back and muscle pains that are commonly grouped as arthritis, or some other `itis, and other inflammatory disorders including kidney stones.



·         A Parasite.  The roundworm, Ascaris, the most common parasite you are likely to encounter, inhabits 1 in 4 people worldwide. After coming in contact with Ascaris eggs, they hatch in the lungs, are coughed up and swallowed where they colonise the small intestine. Fortunately they don't attach, but have an interesting way of making you look after them. Ascaris love carbohydrates, and if you don’t eat bread, pasta and the like, they make you hungry and you stay hungry until you eat what it wants. Carbohydrates are the main reason for obesity, is it little wonder that we are sharing our planet with an epidemic of overweight people. Ascaris also brings with it a couple of friends, a bacterium, bacteriodes fragilis, and a virus, coxsackie. They add to the complications. The Ascaris larvae in the lung also can contribute to asthma suffers having problems.

·         A Bacterium.  The Shigella bacteria is quite common and often can be carried asymptomatically and therefore not identified as a problem. Shigella can interfere with the nervous system causing irritability, anger, depression as well as intestinal problems.

·         A Virus.  The Herpes family of viruses causes the well-known problems from cold sores to shingles and other problems. The reason cold sores recur and shingles break out when your body becomes stressed is that the virus is living inside you waiting its opportunity. The cold-sore virus can reside in the thyroid gland and reduce its function. A symptom of this is cold extremities because of a low body temperature.

·         A Mould.  Common sources of moulds and fungi in your diet is from grains. Claviceps in conjunction with the mycotoxin it produces is implicated in nerve disorders and joint pains. Claviceps is one of the fungi that affect the myelin sheath causing de-myelination and in severe cases Multiple Sclerosis or ALS.

·         A Mycotoxin. A mycotoxin is the poison produced by the mould as its defence. Ergot, is well known as St Vitus Dance or St Anthony’s Fire, causing from mild skin irritation to brain disorders and de-myelination of the nerves. During the middle ages people with Ergot poisoning were considered possessed by the devil.

·         A Metal.  Nickel is part of Stainless Steel and has an affinity with the prostate in men and the breasts of women. If you have problems in these areas then Nickel is involved.

·         A Poison.  Fluoride is more poisonous than lead and just slightly less poisonous than arsenic. It has been used as a pesticide to kill rats and mice. Sodium fluoride is added to water supplies, used in dental treatments and toothpaste. Fluoride is implicated in many disorders including fatigue due to suppressed thyroid function, skin disorders, arthritis and stomach ailments. A family sized tube of toothpaste can contain enough fluoride to kill a small child.

·         A Solvent.  Isopropyl Alcohol is found in many personal care products. This solvent has many names, most starting with “Iso-“, and has an affinity for the liver and is implicated in cancer.

·         A Chemical.  Dioxin and PCB’s are unavoidable by-products of PVC. There is no human hormone that dioxin does not disrupt.   Phthalates, an additive to PVC, damages the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive system and is directly linked to early puberty. Phthalates are found in many leading beauty care products that you may use every day.



Few disorders have a single cause. It is only by identifying, and dealing with all problems associated with your loss of optimal health that you can regain your health.

Energetic Testing provides a safe, non-invasive and quick method of identifying disease-causing agents within the body. The LISTENS technology used in the Health Clinic, outputs computer generated frequencies that will resonate with offenders and the result is displayed on the screen. 



            The number and methods of checking your body’s function and offenders is quite extensive. Routine checks include testing for:-

·         Moulds, Fungi and Mycotoxins.

·         Parasites.

·         Bacteria and Viruses

·         Heavy Metals

·         Chemicals and Pesticides

·         Solvents

·         Allergens

·         Vaccine reactions

·         Enzyme deficiencies

·         Hormone balance

·         Vitamin and minerals 



The greatest gift you can give your health is knowledge. Ultimately, you are a product of what you do and what you know. Your health is your most precious item. Why give responsibility for your health to another?  To know yourself is an accurate adage and vital for your self-health.

What you eat and the affects foods have on you is vital information that you learn while visiting the Clinic. You get practical strategies that enable you to implement the knowledge you gain. 



The cost of the clinic is included in your package deal. The comfortable, fully self-contained cottage allows you the freedom and privacy to enjoy your stay. There is an abundance of sightseeing in the area to allow you to enjoy your stay on your holiday to health.  

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